Little – A Mommy and Daddy Dom Story


Mommy and Daddy Dom

So, as usual, I wandered off and wrote something completely outside of my normal stuff. No, I don’t know why, I just sort of stumbled onto the idea and well, then it turned me on, and then I started writing, and well…now it’s a thing.

So, the latest – LITTLE – is a BDSM story that deals with dD/lg & mD/lg (daddy Dom/ little girl & mommy Dom/ little girl). Yes, that’s right, this story is going to wander into some serious fetish stuff, I can feel it.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s not easy living on the outside of what other people consider normal. In high school, reading stories and books, Emma discovered that she was a LITTLE, that she needed a mommy and daddy to take care of her, and that being a sub was the only way she would ever be really happy. Alone and with only dreams of belonging in a loving, caring relationship she has been wandering through life and across the internet looking for someone to please. But when the attendant at a movie theater won’t sell her a ticket because he thinks Emma is too young, another woman steps in as her parent, and begins an adventure that might just lead to exactly what Emma has always wanted.

And here is a teaser:

Marcus held the theatre door open and we stepped into the dark hallway. I tightened my grip on Jane’s hand. It was now or never. I had to say something. Was I supposed to assume I was sitting with them?

“It’s okay,” Jane leaned down and whispered in my ear. Her breath was hot and the tone made me wet.

The walkway opened up onto rows and rows of seats, most taken. Jane let my hand slip from hers as we stared out over the heads and faces. And I kind of thought that was it. That, having rescued me at the ticket window, this was where they left me. I mean, everyone understood the reality, I was obviously old enough to buy a rated R ticket. I may have been little, but I was nineteen.

“Well, I am sure you two are probably on a date. Don’t let me get in the way of your evening. I mean, thanks for the help back there but.” I pushed a few curls behind my ears, embarrassed. I was convinced this was the right thing to do. It couldn’t really be happening. There was no way there were two people looking for a nineteen year old woman to be their sexual partner, to become their daughter in real life role-play. Those things only happened in stories. I was making all of it up, adding all of my own storyline to a man and woman on a date who happened to run into me…little me.

“What?” Jane leaned down and looked me in the eye. There was a grin on her lips, a lusty little grin. “Not so fast young lady,” she slipped her hand around mine. “Who’s going to cover your eyes for the bad parts?”

Without giving me a chance to answer she turned and led me up the stairs. Marcus was right behind us. As we walked, I caught more than a few people watching us. I met their eyes and smiled. It seemed like no one really paid much attention. I mean, I doubt anyone realized that I was a little and that Jane and Marcus were my daddy dom and mommy dom. Most people don’t even know about things like that, but I was ecstatic.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was the best date ever. I was a little that needed a big. Do you know how hard just that part is to find and fix and make work? But two? A mommy and daddy? Just the thought made me shiver. It couldn’t be. Maybe they wanted to play along for the movie. I mean, why not? It’s a few hours of fun in a dark movie theatre with a willing stranger.

But I couldn’t stop wondering about what if. Could it be true?


We climbed all the way to the back of the theatre, past the last few rows with people. My heart was racing as we sat down. I looked around. No one could see us. Ahead was a sea of seat backs. I didn’t even catch anyone just looking around, watching us as we looked for our seats. No, in the back of the theatre we were alone. Almost invisible.

I wondered what would happen. How all of it would start. Who would touch who first?

Jane walked into the row and took the third seat which put me in the middle. I sat down and stared around. I couldn’t look at Jane or Marcus, I was too nervous. I kept thinking back to all the times in high school that me and someone else had slipped away, often to the gymnasium or some empty classroom and always to explore each other’s bodies.

I squeezed my legs together and felt the moisture between my pussy lips. Was that what we were going to do? Were we sitting in the back so we could give into our desires? So I could give into mine?

I took a deep breath and swallowed.

But none of that was the case. The lights of the theatre dimmed and the previews started. I looked up at Jane and she smiled. “Are you excited? I heard this was supposed to be great.”

“I’ve been wanting to see it for weeks,” I searched her eyes, looking for the same thing I felt, the need, the desire. Didn’t she want to touch me? I wanted to touch her. I wanted to unbutton her shirt and lay my head on her breasts. I wanted to slide my little fingers along her thigh until she sighed.

“Jane has been wanted to see it too, but I was out of town on business and she waited,” Marcus nudged me in the arm with his elbow and I turned.

His smile took up his whole face and his eyes became little slits that twinkled. His lips looked so soft and kissable.

He gave Jane a glance full of meaning I didn’t understand and they both looked back toward the screen.


Check it out and let me know what you think.

My wife’s Futanari Mistress

Futanari Mistress
from Hentai Foundry. Artist: vitorleone13

[Little Monster (Part 6) is available. Here’s an excerpt.]

The energy swirled around me, it was stronger.

I guess the only way I can explain it is, it was like a smell. I sensed it, the way you like feel electricity. It was hard though cause, like in my human form, it was different, the way I felt it, the way I like sensed it. But I couldn’t just shimmer, whether he knew what I was or not, it wasn’t something I liked to just do. It could be dangerous. People flipped out sometimes.

“I didn’t wreck everything,” I had every confidence that whatever was happening like with Olivia’s teaching thing, I could help. It wouldn’t be difficult to, you know, like fix it. I could make people forget anything I wanted. But the fact that she had lost her penis, that like worried me.

I sat down on the same step with Lucas and a shiver ran across my skin. I looked at him. He looked different. In the time it had taken me to sit down, his body had changed.

Our eyes met. “What is happening?” He looked down at his legs, but I couldn’t see them inside his pants. And then his body melted for a moment as he shifted.

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Summer Futanari (Futanari on Male & Female)

Futanari on Male
Futanari on Male

Futanari Summer (excerpt)

“Just like that,” Sarah moved up behind me. Her erection slipped between my thighs again, just under the crack of my ass and along the bottom of testicles. It felt good. She put her hands over mine and squeezed so that I had a better grip on Kathy.

And then Kathy scooted back against me. My cock ran across her quim. She was soaked and the feeling was magical. She reached back, wrapped her fingers around my shaft, and guided me to her opening. “There,” she said.

Sarah’s body, up against mine, pushed and I was inside Kathy. Her pussy was like velvet. It swallowed my dick. It was warm and wet.

Kathy sighed. “Oh, it’s so thick,” she pulled me to her entrance and then rammed back against me. “God, that feels good.” She did it again.

“She likes it,” Sarah whispered in my ear.

I could feel her cock between my thighs.

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