Succubus: The Witch’s Assistant

succubus: the witch's assistant

If you’re a patreon, you’ve been watching this succubus story come to life. It’s been a fun evolution. If you aren’t in the top tier over on Patreon, (Those in the $10 tier got the entire book early.)  the book is available at Amazon and Smashwords! To those who are new, here is the blurb and short sample:
Abi and Olivia have been friends since they were six. Olivia believed in magic. Abi didn’t. And their whole lives they had both been right. Olivia cast spells and performed rituals, Abi helped, and nothing ever happened. 
Olivia never gave up though and now, she is pretty sure she’s onto something. She just needs help, a little more energy. When she asks Abi, the answer is what it has always been – an exasperated yes. How could Abi mind? Olivia has pretty much guaranteed her at least one orgasm in exchange for her help.
Of course, help comes in many forms and what the two of them discover will change everything.
The Witches Assistant is an immersive, erotic thriller. A thrilling debut to a magical story.
Her tongue was rough as it moved around the stiff flesh.
An orgasm started to build.
I leaned back and focused on the wooden cock. It felt like it was alive, like a real cock fucking me. I ground my hips against every thrust, deeper and faster. Every time it moved into me, more energy seemed to fill me. 
I looked up at Olivia, but her eyes were closed in ecstasy.
I looked around. 
The room was dark or gone, I couldn’t tell, but there was definitely something else. Something I couldn’t see, like a presence, like someone watching. 
“Giv mig kvinden, Kate, og jeg vil tilbede dig for evigt.” Olivia’s voice was hoarse as she kept driving the phallus in and out of both of us.
My orgasm grew closer. 
The cock in her hand changed. Symbols blazed across the surface. They looked like they were lit with fire for a moment and then they faded.
Olivia gasped and let go of the moving shaft.
Now it was just us, our bodies moving against the tool between us. My hips moved back, and the wood slid deep inside. Then I shifted.
I spread my legs and thrust forward, meeting the assault. I wanted more. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I had never been fucked so well. My hips moved on their own, meeting every opposing thrust.
I ground the head of the cock into my spot as it slid back and forth, banging against me depths, sucking my breath away.
“Don’t stop,” I screamed as the room began to spin.
As usual, all of my work is available on Amazon and Smashwords or, buy me a latte and read until your heart’s content over on my Patreon page.

Futanari Comic – Supplicant to become a new futanari comic

The first book in the Blue Futanari series, Supplicant, is becoming a futanari comic!

I have been working with an absolutely fabulous artist, Fred,  to turn the first book into a futanari comic. It’s something I have always wanted to do. I mean, who doesn’t like a sexy comic?

Blue Futanari Comic - page 1
First page is in ink!

Working with Fred from DeviantArt has been a dream and his work is absolutely lovely.

I am doing my best to pay for the project page by page using any money I can scrape together. It’s slow going, but I want it to be perfect rather than a rush job.

If you are interested in supporting the project, please head over to my Patreon page. The more support, the faster the project will move along.





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