The Mirror

The Mirror
This story is a little different than the usual fair I like to write.  It’s a single scene, almost a flash fiction style of story.  It’s a first person account of a woman who is getting ready for hot Friday night.  The woman is Amelie, a character that has always been one of my favorites.  She is the narrator, so it’s a first person view of herself.  The story includes masturbation and sexual fantasy.  It’s a pretty graphic story, hot and steamy.  I really enjoyed writing it.  If you would like to go check it out you can click on the title above to follow a link to it at Amazon.

Here’s a teaser from the story.  Hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think.

I love getting dressed.  I love it because it’s all backwards.  It’s preparation.  After a long work week, Friday night is my favorite.  I come home from work, shower, and then stand in front of my bedroom mirror wrapped in a towel.  My hair is still damp, the long curls scattered haphazardly around my face, sticking to my skin.  I look at myself.  My breasts smashed beneath the wrap of the towel, the flesh just bubbling over the top.  I twist a little, run my fingers along the place where the towel overlaps, the flap of fabric that starts at my breasts and runs down the length of me stopping just below my waist.  Amazing how a slit casts a shadow that invites the eye.  It almost forces you to imagine what the cloth is hiding.  I turn halfway, the towel is just short enough to see bottom of my ass, the two tight curves of the cheeks.  I turn in the mirror to the see myself in profile.  My long legs are exposed.  I run my eyes up from the ankles; I like the curves of my body.  My legs are toned and smooth.  I push my chest out and arch my back; my shape becomes a long line of curves, the seam’s edge holding all of my little secrets.
I tug it from the bottom, the towel, and let it come un-tucked at the top.  It opens and falls at the same time unwrapping me.  Even my eyes focus on my breasts, their round fullness bouncing into view, the playful shadow they cast above my belly as they hang.  The pink nipples grow erect as soon as the room’s air touches them.  No wonder the men at the office always try to stand at a certain angle when they approach my desk or turn their heads when I bend over.  Sometimes I drop things and, while I am bending at the waist, aimed at where they are standing, I glance up and catch them looking.  It’s a little thrilling to catch them, everyone likes a forbidden peek.

First Post!

So, this week, I decided to start publishing a few of the erotic, naughty little stories that have been laying around  in folders on my computer forever.  I read over them, cleaned them up (actually made them a little dirtier than before), and started the arduous task of putting them on Amazon and Smashwords.  It has been a learning experience.
I am so glad that so many of you have already downloaded my free short story, The Mirror, on Smashwords!  Super exciting to watch those numbers climb and read the reviews.  Over two hundred reads in two days!
So, I decided to make a little spot on the web for myself.  I may rearrange things, move them around a bit from time to time, but this is where I will be if anyone needs me.  Here is a link, a sample, and the cover art for a short story I published yesterday.  Hope you enjoy it!

I pushed the theatre door open and looked around.  There was no one in sight.  My heart fell a little.  To the right, the hall was empty all the way down, past three theatre alcoves to the snack back area and to the left was one more theatre on the same side as ours and then a dead end.  I looked right again, hoping against hope that I would see her, but there was nothing.  I took a few steps out into the empty hall and looked to the left.  A shoe slid out of the alcove to the theatre next to ours.  It was hers; I recognized the black straps of her high heel that crisscrossed her ankle.  I watched her leg continue to slide into view, the slender calf muscle, her knee, and then the milky skin of her thigh.  It continued to slide into view, more and more of her creamy thigh flesh.  My mind wondered at the fact that there was no skirt hem.  Such a tease!  I thought.  I turned and started walking her way.  She peeked past the edge of the wall, her eyes twinkling and a smile on her lips.Four steps later, I slipped into the little alcove.  I grabbed her wrists and lifted them above her head, pinning them to the wall as I pressed my body into her and kissed her lips.  Her mouth was hot and our tongues dashed out and tangled between our mouths.  She fought the grip on her wrists and pushed her breasts into my chest.  I held her there, kissing her, and then burying my face in her neck and hair.  She sighed and slid a long leg between mine, caressing my thigh with hers.