Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment

There are few things as erotic as waking up in your lovers bed. Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment starts right there, first thing in the morning.

She’s lying on her back, pretending to be asleep, when he comes into the room.  The late summer breeze was too warm and she has already kicked the sheets off of her.  When she peaks through her eye lashes she can see him.  It’s hard not to smile, watching him stare down at her naked body sprawled across his bed.

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Ten Days of Death – Elizabeth Jacobson Stories (Vampire)

Vampire Erotica

Ten Days of Death

The second installment of Elizabeth Jacobson’s story is live on Amazon.  

Elizabeth Jacobson has teamed up the one of the city’s finest police officer’s to go over the hunter’s file and the long list of murders.  Horrified by the brutality and cruelty levied on the vampires of the city, she is determined to find and end his killing spree, but the hunter has something else in mind, something special, just for her.

This one is quite a bit longer than the first one, but there was/is a lot of ground left to cover in this story.  Chapter 2 gives the reader a better look at Elizabeth as a character.  Following her around, we get to really understand who she is, what she is about, and a little bit of her back story.  This chapter also brings in another character, James, who is a member of the city’s SWAT team.  He’s been assigned to Elizabeth to bring her up to speed on the hunter.

I hope you enjoy it!  Please leave a comment on Amazon or here or Twitter if you do!

And now, the teaser…

A younger vampire came through the kitchen door and walked over to Red.  They spoke into each other’s ears but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.  Then Red made his way toward me with two full pints of beer.
“I thought you’d be taller,” he said, taking the chair opposite mine.“I’m wound pretty tight.”“Yeah,” he laughed, “you must be.  We’re connected, you know, you and I.”I folded the rest of the envelope’s contents and tucked them back inside.  I was about to reach for my beer when his words stopped me.
“Remember Robert Ghiles?”
I remembered immediately.It had been a quick job in Vegas.  Robert Ghiles had gotten in over his head with the wrong people.  He had killed two police officers that worked for the ruling Italian family.  He was under government protection as a witness for the prosecution.  They had called me to make him disappear.  It was almost a routine stop.  I was in and out in less than three days.
I suddenly saw the resemblance between the two men; they both had the same shape to their head, the same broad shoulders, and deep set eyes.  I could feel the anger coming off of Red in waves.
“I should kill you where you sit,” he growled.
Looking in his eyes, and doing my best to catch every detail, I could tell he was warming to the idea.
“It’s disgusting what you do, killing your own kind.”  The angrier he became, the quieter he seemed to get.  A few at the bar looked over, concerned.  This was going pear-shaped quick.  

Erotic Poetry – A Poem for a Monday

A Poem for a Monday

Come lovely
Lay your head between my thighs

Come lovely
Lift your hand to me

Come Lovely
Let me kiss you

Come lovely
It has been a long day