New Prices at Amazon

I have been working to get the word out about my latest stories and collections, and things have been going pretty well.  You all have been awesome at resharing my Google+, Twitter, and blog posts.  So, thank you to all my fans!  As a token of my appreciation, I have LOWERED PRICES on a number of stories that I published back in July.

That’s right, starting tomorrow, 08/27/12, a whole bunch of stories are going from $2.99 to .99 cents.  Yup, you heard me right, prices are going down.  Why?  Well, I love you guys and and I want more people to read my stuff, enjoy it, and get to know me as a writer.

Tell  your friends, pass me around, and share the love!  Can’t wait to hear from you!



Elizabeth Jacobson Stories

If you don’t know already, the first part of Elizabeth’s story – Old Lovers, New Money is available for FREE on Amazon starting today – 08/23/12.  I decided to run a promotion to build some buzz for the next installment in the series Fight or Flight which is almost done.

Those of you who haven’t read it yet, can pick up the first part here: Old Lovers, New Money.

I really wanted to break away from the traditional vampire works that have come out over the last year or so – not because I didn’t like them, but because I wanted my own world and my own characters.  I wanted to use the idea of a vampire as a sketch or an outline at best.  I didn’t want Elizabeth to have all of the privilege and breaks that modern vampires seem to get.  She gets a few of the traditional things, she’s stronger, faster, she can reach inside your head and fuck with your thoughts, but my vampires are easily killed, which is something I think most writers don’t like.

The stories also have some pretty blatant sex scenes.  In the first story, Elizabeth seduces Mark, the bellboy.  I don’t pull any punches in the sex scenes the same way I don’t pull any punches in the fight scenes – I think it all adds to the story and makes it different and, hopefully, more appealing.

I also wanted to balance her and the story out a little bit.  I wanted to create a world that kept the reader asking questions and then slowly answer them as I went along.  Yes, I wanted her to be a bad-ass, but once I started writing her, I noticed that she was a different kind of character than I had ever written before.  She’s strong and clever, but there is more to her than just that which I think is really fun.

Let me know what you think.  🙂

Sex Stories – Moan


I am going to lie down on the bed, completely naked, and on my back.  No, you can’t get in with me.  I am in charge this time.  This isn’t your lunch hour and I don’t want a quickie.  No, I want this one to last.  No, don’t take off your pants.  Just stand there for a second.  Can’t I just look at you for a minute?  I love the way you look.
Now get undressed.  Do it slowly.  Give me a show.  Yes, you can be silly.  Why does sex always have to be so serious?  Yes, you should have taken your shoes off first.  No, you can’t fit them through your pant legs.
Wow, look at you.  I love to look at you naked.  You’re so hard.  Your cock is so big.  You’re excited aren’t you?  You just want to put that thing in me don’t you?  Slide it through my slick darkness until I envelope you completely and start to move against you?  It’s all you can think about isn’t it?
Nope, climb onto the bed, but don’t touch me.
Now kiss my ankle.  That feels good.  Now up to my knee.
No, keep your hands to yourself, mister.
Oh, it almost tickles.  Now do my thighs, kiss them back and forth.  I want to feel…yes, your hot breath, and your soft lips on my skin.  Take your time.
Now move to my belly.  Wow, your cock is hard.  I love the way it’s thumping against my legs as you move.  It’s so hot.  Keep going.  Kiss around my belly.  Suck on my piercing, gently tug on it.  God, that feels good.  I’m getting wet now.  I can feel it.
Come up here and play with my breasts.  Yes, these, the ones I keep massaging while you watch.  Kiss around my nipples.  Drag your rough little tongue around each one.  Now blow on them.  Oh, that sends shivers through me.  Oh look, I can see your cock down there.  God, you’re hard.  No, don’t you dare try to stick…
Yes, bite on my breasts.  Nibble around them.
Do you want to see how wet I am.
Here, give me your cock.  Feel that?  Mmmm…that feels so good, the tip of your cock swirling around my clit.  I could come just from that, but not yet.
Kiss my lips; slide your tongue into my mouth.  Tell me with kisses how much you want me to spread my legs and let you take me.
Kiss my neck.
Lay your weight on top of me.
Here, set your cock between my thighs.  Yes, let me squeeze it.  No, don’t start moving yet.  You’re not done teasing me.
Now back down in reverse order until your tongue reaches my wet little mound.  There, that’s right.  Mmmmm…remember how I showed you?  God, that’s it.  Lick me.  Spread me with your tongue.  Suck on my clit.  Yes!  Slip a finger in me. Oh, that feels good.
Turn around and I will suck your cock.  Go ahead, spin around.  I want you in my mouth; I might even let you come as long as you don’t stop teasing me.