College Sex Stories – Chase Meeks: The Breakup

 Something new and different? How about a book that wanders across college sex stories? From a male point of view!

Chase Meeks: The Breakup…

is live on Smashwords and Amazon!  This is the first part of an erotic series that is outlined to be three books as it stands, but may end up being one more.  🙂

The story is a departure from my normal wham-bam style which, I hope, works well and people like.  It is told, first person, by our male protagonist, Chase, and comes complete with footnotes.  Footnotes?  I know, it’s something new I thought I would try out.

Like I said, the story is told in a first-person narrative and I thought footnotes made some of Chase’s thoughts more clear, funnier, and added a nice little icing on the story.  It’s something I have never seen before in erotica and I would love to know what everyone things of it. Continue reading College Sex Stories – Chase Meeks: The Breakup