Blue Futanari – Chapter 7


Blue Futanari – Chapter 7 is out!


Blue Futanari book series.
Book 7 in the Blue Futanari Series

Well, I hope everyone here in America had a lovely holiday and those elsewhere had a lovely weekend!  On Friday, just before I left town for a bit, I published the latest chapter in the Blue Futanari series – 1691.  The title may give away a little bit about where the story is headed, but I don’t think it’s too overt.

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Blue Futanari – Fray & Bundle I

Blue Futanari - Bundle (Books 1-6)
The Blue Futanari Bundle – Get books 1 through 6 for 4.99)

Alright, part 6 Fray in the continuing saga of Alexys Sans went live this week and I thought it was the perfect spot to call it a book or a bundle or, you know, something like that.  (More on this later.)  Part 6 is a roller coaster ride of adventure.  Alexys meets a human who can answer some questions, a spiritualist, but Mira shows up and there’s a sudden change of plans – eek!

Part 6 also brings another new character into Alexys’ life – Muma who is the god of lost children.  Throughout history he has been portrayed in mythology and legend as an ugly old crone, but he’s actually a pretty studly guy – blonde, shaggy hair, a winning smile, and abdominal muscles that look like ropes laid parallel to each other – super dreamy yummy. Continue reading Blue Futanari – Fray & Bundle I