Sex Stories – Late Shift

sex Sometimes, I love nothing better than writing sex stories…
Sex Stories - Late Shift
Sex Stories – Late Shift A naughty nurse decides to have sex with a hot patient.

He hadn’t been on the floor for an hour before the talk started. Every nurse found a reason to swing by his room, you know, take a peek for themselves and see what all the fuss was about.

“Did you see him?” Rhonda sat behind the front of the main desk entering chart information.
I had already been on shift for six hours and had heard no less than ten girls (and a couple of the guys) talk about the man in 305C, but I had not made it to the far end of the hall…yet. “No,” I sighed, “but you would think he looks like Adonis the way everyone’s talking.”

“Girl, you don’t even know,” Rhonda sat back in her chair and laughed. “You know I loved Mr. Peters, been married eighteen years, thank the Lord, but that man down there? I almost think God would understand.” She laughed and I smiled as I made notes on a chart.

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Sex Stories – Futanari Girlfriend

Sex Stories that feature futanari girls have always been one of my hottest fantasies. For practice, I like to find a picture that inspires a story. This one is by SoNo.

Futanari girl getting blowjob
Dangerous futanari fun
We had been on the road for hours. The desert seemed as endless as the starry night. We hadn’t said much since the last gas stop. Giselle was still upset about the Lisa. It didn’t matter that it had only happened once or that we were technically on a break. Giselle had come home on her lunch break and found Lisa and I on the couch.

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