Sex Stories – My Neighbor’s Husband

I write a great deal of sex stories, stories about everything from futanari girls with massive cocks to the girl next door who can’t get enough of the neighbors cock. This one was inspired by the pic below and answers the question: what’s she waiting for?


Sex stories - cheating husbands can be fun.
All dressed up and waiting. A sex story in the making.
I sent him the picture because I knew he would get angry.
He had already told me that we couldn’t talk on the phone, no more text messages, no more Facebook, nothing that left a trail. His wife had been too close, nosing around his email and phone. I still don’t know what set her off, the perfume he likes me to wear is light, like spring flowers, and I only spray it across my breasts.
But two nights ago, after she had gone to sleep, he had called upset and worried that he was going to lose everything. “We can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep seeing you. I can’t take a chance on losing everything just because I can’t keep my cock out of you.”

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Sex Stories – Under the Desk

Sometimes I sit down to write sex stories and nothing really clicks, but other times, I catch the scrap of a thought and ride it until it gushes.

Sex Stories - Office Blowjob
Michelle was a mess…
“No, I don’t think you heard me,” Ethan’s voice was even, soft even, as he stared across the room, through the open door, and out at Michelle’s desk. “Well, Frank, if you can’t be there for the closing, I think it’s time I found another property lawyer.” He knew she could hear him, knew she recognized the tone in his voice, but she didn’t turn toward his office. Does she know I am watching her? Can she feel it?
“Mister Barrett, I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean, you and I have had a long…”

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