Quickie Sex Stories – Teasing the tip



I like to tease the tip with my tongue

Wrap my lips around your head and suck.

I like to tease the tip with my tongue

And gently lick your hot flesh

I like to tease the tip with my tongue

Until you cum


Sex Stories – Two for One

Sex Stories – Two for One

I didn’t know they had talked about it. He hadn’t talked about it with me. I walked into his office and knew immediately that he was up to something though, it was in his eyes, a devilish little twinkle, like he had a secret. And suddenly all I wanted to do was fuck his brains out.

“Katie, I’d like you to meet James.” Ethan nodded toward the man sitting on the small, leather couch in expensive suit. The dark-haired man nodded and then continued going over my outfit with his eyes.

“Nice to meet you, James.” I said.

He waited until I had finished his name before he met my gaze. “You too,” he gave Ethan a look that I didn’t understand. Was that approval? Appreciation?

“I was just telling James about our arrangement.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver of excitement through me. Ethan was not only my boss at the law firm; he was also my master, my first master.

“Give him a blowjob,” Ethan glanced at his computer screen and I heard a few mouse clicks. Continue reading Sex Stories – Two for One

Futanari Sex Stories – The Warlock’s Trial (inspired by World of Warcraft)

The Warlock’s Trial (Part 1)

Futanari Sex Story - Warlock's Trial“There it is,” Mjen waved his torch through the cavern’s opening burning off a number of spider webs that had gathered over the millenia. “I told you we would find it.” He looked back over his shoulder to where Lhiren was still crawling over the edge of a damp rock formation that had made the last few hours of travel exceptionally difficult. Her face, lit by the small sphere of magic fire she had conjured, was bright pink from the effort. She got to her feet and wiped the cave scum onto the green fabric of her robe where it immediately lit and fell to ash.
“This is where they put it?” Lhiren pushed her dark hair out of her face.
“Undoubtedly,” the Orc smiled and his lower canines gleamed in the firelight. “It’s your map,” he waved a tattered scroll toward the warlock. Continue reading Futanari Sex Stories – The Warlock’s Trial (inspired by World of Warcraft)