Quickie Sex Story – Cock Worship


Sex Stories - Cock Worship


I don’t think you understand how much I love your cock. No, I mean, I know you think I like it, that I like to play with it while you’re driving or we are in the movie theatre. You know I love to ride it, or have it piston into me from behind, but that’s not all. It is my god. Continue reading Quickie Sex Story – Cock Worship

Futanari Angels

I have wanted to write a futanari angel story for a while but nothing really seemed to cum together before…um, yeah, this pic did the trick. Enjoy.

Futanari Angels.
Artist: Kaihlan on Hentai Foundry


“It is forbidden,” Misha shook her head as she stared at the two angels, “you know this! You have trespassed against your oath, against your calling, against everything that makes us who we are.” Her voice was strained with anger.

It wasn’t the first time Celia and I had been called before the Erelim, the highest order of our sect, but I was fairly sure it was going to be the last. Misha’s wings ruffled as she paced back and forth in front of her throne.

I glanced at Celia but she didn’t turn and I could see the shame written across her cheeks.

“Three souls on your watch, Ahjia .” Misha collapsed into her chair and her robe fell open along her legs. “Perhaps it is too much?” She looked at me like a disappointed parent. Continue reading Futanari Angels

Sex Stories – Pet

I like to try things, different things, things most people would never dream of trying. Why? Because that’s where the best sex stories come from – experience.


“Lori, number 3.” The voice comes over the little speaker and a grin traces its way across my lips. I am Lori and my owner is behind door number 3.

I am sitting at the little makeup desk in my office. I pick up the black leather collar and buckle it around my neck. I love the way it feels, just snug enough that if my owner tugs, it bites a bit. I like that. Pain is a good reminder, a good teacher.

Are you going to watch me? Here, sit here in my dressing room and watch the television. See, you can see my master there. He can wait a few moments, it only makes it better. Continue reading Sex Stories – Pet