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“What do you mean, it’s time?” he sat across the table with a skeptical look on his face, the kind of look that said he wanted what I said to mean what he hoped it meant, but didn’t want me to know he was eager.

I couldn’t blame him. It was our fourth date and I was sure it would probably be our last if I didn’t give him some kind of sign that said we were going to fuck, at some point, maybe soon. “Can we go back to your place, tonight?” I asked.

His eyes swept across me with a new appreciation or hunger or both. A little smile traced its way across his lips.

His lips. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed kissing him. You know how every lover is different, how everybody has a different way that they like to kiss and be kissed? James was my favorite. He had a way of kissing that started light and then sped up, became more urgent.

“I mean,” I batted my eyelashes and traced my finger across the back of his hand. “There’s a reason we haven’t, you know, gone further.” The lead ball in the pit of my stomach returned.

I had been thinking about it for the last three days, going back and forth about what I was going to do. James seemed so perfect, I mean, he could kiss, he was well-built, he had beautiful eyes, and he was smart and patient and kind and the list went on and on. Trust me, I liked James a lot. I thought about him all the time, but the fact that I was a Futanari was a problem. Continue reading Futanari Stories – Futanari Transformation

Sex Stories – Wife Swap

Sex Stories - Wife Swap

Wife Swap

We were sitting around the table drinking wine and laughing. I had already cleared dinner away and Thomas had opened a second bottle of wine.

Justine and Alex were on the opposite side of the kitchen table and Alex was telling us tales of his trip to Italy, dazzling us with his accent and explaining how American’s were far too uptight . “Prudish,” he said with a smile, “like too pure.” He looked at Justine for help.

“Uptight,” she grinned mischievously.

“Yes!” Alex slapped the table, “uptight! Too uptight.”

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Futanari – Caught

This futanari story was inspired by a visit to Studio-Orgism.  Great site!

They were six minutes into class. I can’t fucking believe this, why did she wear a dress today? Paige tried to look elsewhere in the room. Anywhere would have done it, the wall, the cute girl with the green wig. I like the wig, especially with those glasses. 

But she couldn’t look away for long. She tried. Again. But Professor Hughes always brought her back. She would turn away from the white board on her heels, fast enough to swing her skirt wide and flash just a few inches of her thighs through the long slit in the fabric.

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