Transgender Romance Transgender Adventure Turnabout

Hey, just a quick little update post. Turnabout the short, transgender story I wrote is free this week and I would love some feedback.

I took a little different route with this story, you know, tried something a little different than the normal and I would like to know what you think. So, go get it. Seriously. I’ll wait. Go ahead.

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Futanari and Transgender Romance

Two new books this weekend! Futanari and Transgender Romance!

I have been working overtime this week on a bunch of different stuff. There’s currently a much longer Futanari piece in the works but that’s for later. This week I completed two pieces for you guys – a little Futanari and Transgender Romance.

First, I finally  took everyone’s favorite Futanari Sex Story and expanded it into a full-length story.  There have been a number of changes to the story from it’s original (don’t worry there’s even more kink) but it now answers the question everyone was asking – what happens after Casey’s little sister walks in and find the three of them together?

Futanari Family Secrets Futanari and Transgender Romance
Want to know what happens after Casey’s sister walks in?


If you liked the short I published here a while back you are going to love THIS!

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Futanari – The Warlock’s Trial (Part 2)

Part 1 is here.

(This Futanari story was inspired by World of Warcraft)

futanari succubus futanari demon futanari on female futa on female

“Of course, my pet.” Dh’lencia looked down at the human warlock covered in her seed and smiled. “Turn around.”

Lhiren’s ran her tongue across the salty sweetness the demon had left on her lips as she turned her body. Her lips were numb but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was pleasing the succubus.

“Anything, master. Just please, give me more. I must have it. It feels so good, tastes so good.” She felt like she’d been drinking, like she had been in a drinking contest with pirates along the coast of Alir. She was cognizant, she knew what was happening, but there was fuzziness to her thoughts.

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