Futanari Family: Side Effects

Book one, Futanari Family: Secrets & book two, Futanari Family: Purple Pill.

Futanari Family Side Effects

Chapter 3 – Futanari Family: Side Effects is available now!

It’s day two and the pills aren’t wearing off.  Kate was sure she would wake up Tuesday morning without any extra equipment, but something has gone wrong and there is no one to ask for advise.

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Futanari Family: Purple Pill

Futanari Family: Purple Pill

Futanari Family Purple Pill Cover


If you enjoyed the Futanari story that started it all, you are going to love the next chapter.  Picking up right where Secrets left off, the story begins with Kate stealing a couple of the Casey’s pills. That’s right, the pills that her and her mother have been taking for the clinical trial. The pills that Casey’s little Steph decided to try. Kate steals two of them. Continue reading Futanari Family: Purple Pill