Becoming Zoey – A New Futanari Series

futanari transformation - becoming zoey a phi beta bookOh yeah, this happened this week. Look at that, a new series started. Fast on the heels of the last Futanari series, Futanari Family, comes an entirely new Futanari series  and this one goes off in a completely different direction.

Here’s the first book’s blurb:

Friday night’s Phi Beta party was an all-nighter but when Triston Blake, the star running back for the football team, got a little too drunk and slipped into his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom, he made two mistakes. First, he thought no one would know. Second, he had sex with his ex-girlfriend while she was passed out.

Now it’s two days later. Triston has woken up handcuffed to a bed in a secret room of the sorority house and there’s a video camera aimed directly at him. How did he get there? Who handcuffed him to the bed? And what do they have in store? Come find out.

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Futanari Exploration

Futanari Transformation


I’m a woman. Alex looked over his body, the transformation complete.

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