Little Monster (A Futanari Story)


Little Monster – Futanari story

Little Monster – A Futanari Story


I was in the parking lot, in Tyler’s Mercedes, when I saw her for the first time. We were parked in the back row, I was between classes and Tyler was blowing his off to stick his dick in me. He was in the driver’s seat and I was on his lap. I’m short, just 5’5” so I can straddle a boy in the front seat of a car and rock his world, even when he’s driving. But like I was saying, I was getting some vitamin D, Tyler was breathing into my neck and holding onto my hips while I milked his cock and I was looking out the back window, when I saw her walking toward the arts building.

I don’t know why I paid attention to her. I mean, there wasn’t really anything remarkable about her. She was cute in a teacher kind of way. She was older than me, maybe ten years, she looked like she took pretty good care of herself. I don’t really know why she caught my eye though. She had a confident walk, like she was still proud of her tits and her ass, which she had every right to be, maybe that was it – she was confident, like me.

Of course, I didn’t even know who she was then. I guessed a teacher because of the outfit, but that didn’t mean much at a school as large as mine, she could have been an older student who dressed like a teacher, or maybe she was one of those women that works in admin or as a teacher’s aid. But she had piqued my curiosity and I made up my mind right there that I was going to find out who she was.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” Tyler’s fingers dug into my flesh.

I had completely forgotten about him steadily pumping his adequate dick in and out of me. His face that sad, almost pained look, and I could feel his cock twitching deep inside me. I sat back and ground my hips into him, squeezing him tight. “Do it, baby.” I leaned forward and licked his lips. “Give it to me.”

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