My wife’s Futanari Mistress

Futanari Mistress
from Hentai Foundry. Artist: vitorleone13

[Little Monster (Part 6) is available. Here’s an excerpt.]

The energy swirled around me, it was stronger.

I guess the only way I can explain it is, it was like a smell. I sensed it, the way you like feel electricity. It was hard though cause, like in my human form, it was different, the way I felt it, the way I like sensed it. But I couldn’t just shimmer, whether he knew what I was or not, it wasn’t something I liked to just do. It could be dangerous. People flipped out sometimes.

“I didn’t wreck everything,” I had every confidence that whatever was happening like with Olivia’s teaching thing, I could help. It wouldn’t be difficult to, you know, like fix it. I could make people forget anything I wanted. But the fact that she had lost her penis, that like worried me.

I sat down on the same step with Lucas and a shiver ran across my skin. I looked at him. He looked different. In the time it had taken me to sit down, his body had changed.

Our eyes met. “What is happening?” He looked down at his legs, but I couldn’t see them inside his pants. And then his body melted for a moment as he shifted.

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