Haunted Futanari (Patreon)

Haunted Futanari

Been working on a whole bunch of new stuff over on Patreon. Thought I would post it here as well. If you like my stuff or have something you would like to commission, stop by my Patreon and support a poor writer.  Happy Halloween!


Haunted Futanari (Part 1)

We drove out there on a Saturday night. It was raining, hard enough that the rain sounded like pebbles hitting the windshield. The trip started off fine, my mom and dad were almost getting along, you know, almost like they might have once loved each other. But all that changed after about an hour on the road. Six hours later, and they had barely said a word to each other.

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So, I have decided to move over to Patreon. It’s a decision I have been weighing for a little while. I think it’s an interesting idea, for people who enjoy my work, buying ever copy of a book I write can get expensive and I don’t really have a chance to interact with my reader. On Patreon on, however, I can actually play with my readers! That’s write, as a Patron you not only get exclusive access to what I am working on now, but I am also posting a great deal of previously published stuff just for Patrons. AND you can talk to me!

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-I’m working on a number of commissions right now as well as new Halloween story (cause, why not, right?).