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Futanari Stable

Futanari Stable: Eye to Eye

Hey all!  There’s a new series available, Futanari Stable.

The resilient Ivy is left to handle the family business while her father travels west. Alone on the isolated ranch, she tends to the new futanari stock her father recently purchased.

Becca is a loose gun on the run from a past red hot on her cowboy booted heels. A past she is grimly determined to avoid meeting eye to eye come hell or high water.

Brought together by fate, how will crossing paths change their lives?

Futanari Stable is an erotic tale set in a steampunk, western world. and here is the first chapter free!

Chapter 1 – Ivy


The blind in my bedroom window is not the best. It hangs a little crooked and the bottom three slats are bent slightly. In the morning, the sun shines right through that gap and hits me square in the face. I stopped using an alarm clock. Now I just get up when the sun does.

I know it sounds early, but I live on a farm and everything you’ve ever heard about a farm is true, including that farm life always starts early.

That morning, I got up even before the sun reached the hole in the blinds. I don’t know why, probably nerves. I hadn’t slept well. I never did the first night Dad was gone.

I liked having the place to myself. I mean, I liked being able to whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. But the giant house felt even bigger when it was just me.

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Futanari on female

Sex Stories - Two for One“I can’t stop thinking about it.” She looked down at her penis. “I just want to touch it all the time.”

I looked at it. It wasn’t as big as Casey’s. I imagined it was the right size for her body, like the genetic mutation kind of knew what to do somehow. It was about five inches long, but really thick, like three, fat fingers thick.

I thought back to all the papers and folders and research. “Genetic modifiers, hormonal side effects…”

Steph’s dress was pitching a tent beside me. “I don’t feel right,” she shook her head back and forth. “When it gets really stiff, it makes me feel weird. My heart beats really fast. I just want to touch it. My mouth gets really dry.”

She had described exactly how I was feeling, right then, looking down at the rise in her dress. I put my hands on her shoulders. I had no idea what to do. I mean was this like a poison control thing? I fucking hoped not. “How many did you take?”

Steph looked at me. Her eyes were sharp and clear. “One.” She reached out slipped her arms around my neck. “I want to kiss you,” she pulled me towards where she was sitting on the bed. “Let me kiss your lips,” she closed her eyes and pressed her mouth to mine.

Her mouth was small, her lips were thin, but I kissed them.

She moaned softly and kissed me again, this time longer and she stuck her tongue into my mouth clumsily.

I met it with my own. I swear that the drugs must have made the user release some kind of pheromone. I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to.

“Look, it’s so big it pops out of my underwear.” She let go of my neck and whipped the sundress back. Her little pink underwear with the words baby girl across the waistband was bunched up and a tumescent log of flesh rose from between her lips.

I watched. Mesmerized by the drug’s effects, I thought back to Casey’s cock, the way it stretched me wide, the way my body had craved the way it filled me.

“Oh, my god, it keeps growing,” Steph’s voice was desperate. She grabbed the hem of the dress and wrinkled it in her anxious fists. It was so short and fat, but so fat, a log of flesh with a pink mushroom head.

Steph looked at me and then down at the protuberance anchored to the top of her vagina. “How long will it last?”

I thought about the other two, how they had both eventually become limp, but neither of them had disappeared. When Casey and I had gone to bed, she still had an eight-inch cock between her legs and she hadn’t taken any of the pills that I could remember.

“I don’t know. I mean, I have no idea. Yesterday was the first time,” I looked at Steph, “I just found out yesterday.”

“Shit,” She sat back on the bed and looked at her eager new cock. “I thought it would go down after it shot out its cum, but that’s happened three times.” She wrapped her hand around the base. “It feels so good when I touch it.” She arched her back a little and began to slowly stroke the hunk of flesh.

Her fingers looked tiny against the growing rod. “Oh fuck!” Her voice was husky with desire. “That feels good.” She glanced up at me, embarrassed as her hand pumped up and down. “I’m so sorry,” she said, “you want to watch me?”

I swallowed hard. Inside of me a battle was raging. Part of me wanted to reach over and help. I mean, I was sitting beside a magnificent specimen of my favorite thing and it was attached to my best friend’s, little sister’s pussy and she was jacking herself off, slowly stroking herself while I watched.

Common sense dictated that I get out of there, right? I mean, yeah, your friend can fuck you while you suck on her mom’s cock, but you can’t help her little sister cum because she took pills she wasn’t supposed to take, right? There was some kind of line there, right? I mean she was so young. But her dick was so thick.

Steph’s closed her eyes while both hands were slowly slid up and down her shaft.

How much did she take? It’s like she’s high, like she can’t control herself. 

I started to get up, but Steph grabbed my wrist. “No, don’t go. Help me.” She placed my hand on her cock. “Please.”

I swallowed hard. “I…” No more words came out. I slowly opened my hand. The skin was hot.

Do it. You know you want to. Show her how good you can make her feel. Give that cock what it deserves.

I looked into Steph’s eyes. All I wanted was her cock. My pussy was soaked.

Give her what she needs.

Steph leaned her head back. “Maybe if I shoot the white stuff out one more time,” her voice was a mix of pleasure and panic. “That’s how they did it last night, right? My sister shot her stuff in your hole.” She pointed at pussy.



Mother Daughter Futanari Incest

So, I have gotten a number of requests and complaints about Futanari Family series. Some of you don’t think the series has enough sex. More of you would like to explore the family dynamic of the story – namely the stuff that Amazon and the rest don’t want people to publish, the incest between Casey, Linda, and Stephanie. And others just want me to continue the series.

So, you know what they say. Give ’em what they want.

[Here’s the beginning. Catch the rest on my Patreon – where I get all kinds of crazy.]

The package was marked Linda Thiel. A yellow envelope, 9 x 12 and lined with bubble wrap. When I tore it open, I found two white bottles. I shook each one. They didn’t sound full, maybe half full. I turned them over to read the label. One had my mother’s name, Linda. The other had mine, Casey.

was just the label with our names. The rest of the bottle was blank.

I remembered the doctor that had actually signed the final paperwork and assigned us to this test. It had been after the third medical screening and examination. I was lying on an examination table, my legs spread, I had just finished masturbating and the doctor was examining my vulva and clit with gloved hands. “You do understand what the drug will do?” She had asked, picking up a long swab and inserting it into my vagina. “The side effects are still being determined,” she had said. “We can’t tell you what the drug will do to you.”

Mom almost hadn’t signed. Examinations done, we had sat in front of a lawyer with a briefcase full of paperwork for almost an hour. There were more waivers than there were warnings. The pill could kill us and they wouldn’t be liable.

We had talked about it for days. The idea of working for a pharmaceutical company was one thing, but genetic modification? The idea had stopped both us in our tracks. I had been the first one to call the idea crazy. But we had needed the money more.

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