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Quickie Futanari: Succubus

Artist: Ubanis From:
Artist: Ubanis

As I walked down the little hallway toward the locker room, I heard one of Nate’s friends describing his latest adventure, like, in detail.

“No, Nate. I’m telling you, this girl swallowed my dick whole. She could probably swallow your fucking monster. She was fucking  unbelievable. I mean, for real, this girl loved cock. Made me cum all over chest. I was up til six. I couldn’t give her enough.”

“That’s cause, unlike Nate over here, you don’t have that much to give.” Another voice chimed in and everyone laughed.

And then I had an idea. A naughty idea.

When I walked into the room, the three of them were standing in the large open area of the locker room. Nate was naked with one of the towels draped around his neck. And the two other guys were, you know, like standing in front of their lockers. But every head turned when I walked into the room.

The guy on the left grabbed his towel and immediately covered his junk, but the other one, standing on the far side of the room didn’t. He seemed to know what was in my head, like he recognized why I was there.

And then I shimmered.

My humanity fell away like a puff of smoke and I was in my natural form. Everyone took a breath and I kept walking toward Nate. “I had an idea,” I smiled.

Nate’s mouth hung open and his eyes kept bouncing up and down over me.

I slipped my arm around his neck and leaned in for a kiss. My tongue slithered into his mouth and slipped around his while I reached under his naked sack and tickled my nails across the skin.

His cock was already lengthening.

“Are you going to introduce me to our playmates?”

I turned toward the giant of a man, he had to be, like six foot eight. He was two inches taller than Nate for sure. But he was also thicker and he had a much smaller and slightly scared erection. “I’m Mika,” I offered my hand while my tail reached over and slowly wrapped around the cock of the final guest.

Mark.” Mark’s eyes wandered from my breasts to my cock and then to my tail and where it was expertly stroking his friend’s throbbing member. “And you,” I moved faster than they could see was wrapped myself against the last man’s side. My tail slipped back to Mark and tickled along the side of his shaft.

Steven. I can’t believe..” his eyes wandered over me.

I took a half step and faced him. My cock was half-erect, just beginning to, like stand up. It rubbed against his and he closed his eyes when they touched. “You’re in my econ class,” I leaned in close to his ear and whispered the words while I reached up and rubbed our cocks together. “How many times have you imagined fucking me Steven?” My tail was wrapped around Mark’s cock twice and his hips began to move back and forth while he watched my body work against Steven.

“A lot,” Steven’s voice quivered and I could feel like, how excited he was.

And then I felt Nate’s hand on my hips and his eight inches wiping precum across my asshole. I relaxed and closed my eyes. And then he was pressing against me. I squeezed Steven’s dick with my hand and Mark’s with my tail until they both groaned.

“Fuck,” I pushed back and swallowed Nate’s cock to the hilt. “Here,” I reached down and pulled Steven’s throbbing member toward my cunt. “You too,” I licked his lips while my Nate pushed my body into his. “Fuck me.”

My cock was pressed between our bellies as he lifted me into the air a few inches and slipped his beast into my dripping snatch. “Yess,” I hissed as I put my feet against his thighs and began to change the rhythm. I mean, I wanted to fuck. I buried Nate in my asshole while I pushed Steven to the tip and then flipped it around.

Mark came first though. I felt his cock throbbing along the end of my tail and I he sprayed his load against the side of my belly and waist. Well, that was the first time.