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Blue Futanari: Supplicant – FREE!

Blue Futanari - Supplicant

Free Futanari Story Alexys Sans can’t believe that the temple dig in Peru has uncovered evidence of the world’s earliest polytheistic religion. It’s the highlight of her career, but putting together the pieces of the carvings, statues, and paintings is proving harder than she imagined – the artifacts are a jigsaw puzzle of secrets, betrayal, and murder.

But a collapsed tunnel into a forgotten tomb lead her to the one person than can explain everything the goddess, Txaollix. Follow Alexys as she learns not only the story behind the lost temple, but what it means to truly worship and find the favor of a goddess.

This is book one of a MUCH longer series.
Blue Futanari: Supplicant – On Amazon!
Blue Futanari: Supplicant – On Smashwords!

Blue Futanari: Bundle 1 The first 6 chapters in the series all in one book!

Blue Futanari - Bundle 1

Futanari Bundle 1
Follow the intrepid archaeologist Alexys Sans as she searches an ancient temple in Peru, discovers a thousand year old homicide, rescues a goddess, is rewarded with her own godhood – becoming a futanari goddess herself – and the beginnings and hazards of her new life.

This bundle captures the first six chapters of Alexys’ story all in one exciting collection!

Included in this bundle – the first six parts of the Blue Futanari Series – Supplicant, Transformation, Neophyte, Animus, Illusion, and Fray.
This bundle combines the first 6 chapters of the series into one book. There are 3 more books in the series so far!
Blue Futanari: Bundle 1 – On Amazon!
Blue Futanari: Bundle 1 – On Smashwords!

XXX: 25 Sex Stories

XXX: 25 Sex Stories

Tired of purchasing anthologies that promise hot, steamy stories and getting 25 stories that are all the same? This anthology is chock full of different stories, different fantasies, different kinks, and the most sexually explicit stories from my writing desk. It’s sure to please.
WARNING: Explicit content for adults only! All characters are over eighteen, and no characters are related by blood!

Tall and short, blonde and brunette, innocent and dirty – any fantasy you could have this unique collection has it covered.

This Bundle holds 25 of my best explicit sex stories.

Featuring juicy erotic scenes and graphic detail, these books are guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile device and hiding your excitement like nothing else!


Told my way, these stories are fast-paced, action-packed, and sure to please!

XXX: 25 Sex Stories – On Amazon!
XXX: 25 Sex Stories – On Smashwords!

Taboo: Katie’s Failing Grade

Katie's Failing Grade

Taboo! This books takes the classic teacher/student sex theme and adds…well, a little twist – teacher student fantasy, lesbian sex, domination, loads of cum, and some very interesting ways to please a man.

Katie has been chasing her professor since the beginning of the school year, but little does she know, she’s not the only one chasing. The professor has plans of his own.

Katie’s Failing Grade – On Amazon!
Katie’s Failing Grade – On Smashwords!

Blue Futanari: Aria

Blue Futanari: Aria (Book 9)

Blue Futanari – Part 9!
Not everything is as it seems in the sleepy little town Alexys has been banished to. Though Hester has made it clear that she can help the goddess return to her own time, Alexys is still unsure of Hester’s motivation. Curious, she decides to visit Tucker alone and see if she can get a better of understanding of how to bring him down. But nothing ever goes exactly as planned and curiosity leads Alexys not just through Tucker’s mind, but also the mind of his wife.

Blue Futanari: Aria – On Amazon!
Blue Futanari: Aria – On Smashwords!

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