Can’t Help Myself

They were both in front of me on all fours.  “I can’t believe you didn’t text me!” I said putting my foot on Brian’s back and swatting his naked ass with my crop while Jason watched.  “What are you looking at?”  I swatted him across the forearm hard enough to make him wince.
 I felt the warmth between my legs grow.  “You don’t look at me unless you are told.”

The excitement that went through me was like electricity.  The two boys on all fours at the foot of the bed; both in collars attached to leashes in my hand, both in little leather shorts, both waiting for my next instruction.  It was thrilling to have two; Brian was great on his own, but I had been wanting another slave for awhile and, although Jason was new, I was sure he was committed to following my commands.  He didn’t want to disappoint.  I looked down at the tight leather suit I was wearing.

“Unzip me,” I said, lifting Brian’s chin with the leather patch at the end of my crop.

He sat up on all floors and shimmied over in front of me.  I stared down at the front of his shorts, his cock was hard and straining against the tight leather.  It looked uncomfortable but I knew how much he loved the anticipation, the possibility that I might let him come at some point.  He reached up and put his finger and thumb on the zipper’s tab and started to pull.  Jason glanced up at the sound and then quickly turned back to the floor when I raised the crop.  The welt on his arm was red and puffy and he didn’t want another one.  I looked back at Brian who only stared at his fingers knowing better than to look into my eyes unless he was told to.

The zipper slowly started to move down my chest and spread open.  My tits started to push out through the opening and Brian’s eyes devoured them.  “Slower,” I commanded.  He looked into my eyes for a quick second and I could feel his hunger to please me.  I swatted him across the back lightly and he clenched his eyes from the pain.  I pushed his hand away from the zipper and leaned over.  “You like that don’t you?” I whispered in his ear as I wrapped my leather-gloved hand through his hair and pulled his head back, pointing him at my chest.

His eyes were glued to my breasts which were bulging out now, almost ready to fall, everything exposed but the nipples themselves.  “Yes, mistress,” he said, quietly.

Jason was staring too, but he was a young slave, this was his first time, and I let it go.

I moved around the two, looking them over, tugging on their leashes until they moved the way I wanted them to.  Then I leaned over and undid their collars.  “Take your shorts off,” I said, sternly as I paced around them, trailing the end of the crop over their skin; first Brian’s back, following the line I had left, and then Jason’s nipples as he stared down at the floor.

Both sat up on their knees, unbuttoned, and pulled down their zippers, almost in unison.

“Take them off,” I said again, watching both men look at each other as they slid the shorts down their legs.  Both of their cocks were hard and flopped out as they cleared the fabric.  Brian’s was long and arched up toward the ceiling while Jason’s pointed straight out, throbbing with anticipation.  I backed away a little.  “Watch,” I said and both heads looked up at me.  The warmth of pleasure washed over me and I couldn’t help but grin as I pulled the zipper of my suit down until it opened wide.  Both of them watched as the leather opened up.  I looked at Brain and then Jason and felt the first orgasm start to swell inside me.

I stepped between them and slowly onto the bed, giving both of them a look at me as I went by; slowly crawling toward the headboard, swinging my ass as I went, before I turned over and faced them.  “Up on the bed.”  I swatted the mattress calling them up like puppies, which is what they looked like down on the floor, side by side, at the bottom of the bed.

Both of them stood, glanced at each other, and then started to slowly climb toward me.  I spread my legs wide revealing my glistening mound as I watched them crawl over the foot board, their heavy cocks swaying under them as they moved toward me.

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