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Quickie Sex Stories – Expectation (Part 1)

Sometimes, love nothing better than a quickie, just come in, fuck me like an animal, and then go back to work.  Here’s the first part of quickie sex stories – expectation.

I hear my phone chime and casually pick it up.  It’s a text message from him, five words: “I am on my way.”  My heart immediately jumps in my chest.  I look around my place for anything that looks like it might need straightening.  There’s still a coffee cup on the counter and a saucer from my breakfast.  That will have to be cleaned and put away.  The couch pillows are not straight but everything else looks neat.  I will have to double check the bedroom, I think.

I look down at myself, still un-showered, sitting on the couch in a t-shirt and panties,and reading through my Twitter and Facebook.  I am in an unacceptable state. Continue reading Quickie Sex Stories – Expectation (Part 1)

Quickie Sex Stories – Tent Sex

Sex in the rain…God, there’s just nothing quite like it. Enjoy the latest chapter in the Quickie Sex Stories series – Tent Sex.


It’s Saturday and the sky has been covered in gray clouds since breakfast.  The rain has been looming, daring us to go out, to attempt the hike up the mountain we planned yesterday.  We have both been watching it, looking up at the patches of sky between the giant trees that surround us, and then back at each other wondering silently what the other thinks of the chances.

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Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment

There are few things as erotic as waking up in your lovers bed. Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment starts right there, first thing in the morning.

She’s lying on her back, pretending to be asleep, when he comes into the room.  The late summer breeze was too warm and she has already kicked the sheets off of her.  When she peaks through her eye lashes she can see him.  It’s hard not to smile, watching him stare down at her naked body sprawled across his bed.

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