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Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment

There are few things as erotic as waking up in your lovers bed. Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment starts right there, first thing in the morning.

She’s lying on her back, pretending to be asleep, when he comes into the room.  The late summer breeze was too warm and she has already kicked the sheets off of her.  When she peaks through her eye lashes she can see him.  It’s hard not to smile, watching him stare down at her naked body sprawled across his bed.

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Sex Stories – Missionary

In defense of the missionary position.

I know you like to watch.  I know you like me on top; my breasts dangling, my hair sweeping around your face, the view of our hips grinding against each other.  I know you like it when I lean over and my hard nipples brush against your chest.  I know you like the way it feels when I straddle you; when I sit back against your thighs, arch my back, and start to milk your cock while you hold onto my hips.  I can see it on your face, in your eyes, you like to lay there and watch my tits bounce with every thrust.

But I want you on top, at least for one orgasm.  You have to understand, I don’t need to watch, I need to feel.

Let me lay down on my back and spread my legs wide.  Yes, that’s your invitation.  There, feel that?  Feel how hot and wet you make me?  Go ahead, slide that throbbing cock into my quivering darkness.  Yes, push it in, deeper, oh, deeper still.  God it feels so good.  Now kiss me.  Lay your body forward and kiss my neck.  I want the weight of you on top of me, skin to skin.  I want your strong arms on either side of me.

This is the only position where we have the most contact, where I can feel you inside of me, on top of me, wrapped around me.  You need to watch, but I need to feel.  I need to run my hands around your shoulders while you thrust.  I want to grab the muscles of your ass as you grind into me.  I want to feel you, all of you.  Yes…faster.  I want to drag my nails across your back as I feel you swell and my own juices start to gush.

Don’t stop fucking me, just keep that in mind.

Sex Stories – Handle Me

Lesson #1 – Handle Me

I want to be handled, I don’t know why you think I don’t.  Is it my size? Because I am so light in your arms that I can wrap my legs around your waist while you drive your cock into me?  I could tell you were holding back when I was pinned against the wall.  I could tell you wanted to lift me up and down, drag me on and off your thickness, impale me on your hot rod; but you didn’t.

Listen, I love to fuck you.  Trust me, there’s a reason my cunt is always dripping wet when you get there.  But I want you to grab me, I want you to hold me, squeeze me, and stop pretending like you are going to break me while we’re fucking.  Trust me, your cock isn’t that big and when I moan and tell you to fuck me, I expect you to fuck me, not just go faster – that’s what the word “faster” is for.  I know how to stop you if I want.  

Now, when our bodies are tangled again, and I know they will be, I want you to let go.  I want you to get lost in the sensation of my gash milking your cock while I bite the soft skin along your neck.  Stop thinking of me as fragile.  It’s like a math equation, it’s equally proportional, the more turned on you are by me and what I am doing, the more turned on I am by your reaction.