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Sex Stories – Handle Me

Lesson #1 – Handle Me

I want to be handled, I don’t know why you think I don’t.  Is it my size? Because I am so light in your arms that I can wrap my legs around your waist while you drive your cock into me?  I could tell you were holding back when I was pinned against the wall.  I could tell you wanted to lift me up and down, drag me on and off your thickness, impale me on your hot rod; but you didn’t.

Listen, I love to fuck you.  Trust me, there’s a reason my cunt is always dripping wet when you get there.  But I want you to grab me, I want you to hold me, squeeze me, and stop pretending like you are going to break me while we’re fucking.  Trust me, your cock isn’t that big and when I moan and tell you to fuck me, I expect you to fuck me, not just go faster – that’s what the word “faster” is for.  I know how to stop you if I want.  

Now, when our bodies are tangled again, and I know they will be, I want you to let go.  I want you to get lost in the sensation of my gash milking your cock while I bite the soft skin along your neck.  Stop thinking of me as fragile.  It’s like a math equation, it’s equally proportional, the more turned on you are by me and what I am doing, the more turned on I am by your reaction.