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Summer Futanari (Futanari on Male & Female)

Futanari on Male
Futanari on Male

Futanari Summer (excerpt)

“Just like that,” Sarah moved up behind me. Her erection slipped between my thighs again, just under the crack of my ass and along the bottom of testicles. It felt good. She put her hands over mine and squeezed so that I had a better grip on Kathy.

And then Kathy scooted back against me. My cock ran across her quim. She was soaked and the feeling was magical. She reached back, wrapped her fingers around my shaft, and guided me to her opening. “There,” she said.

Sarah’s body, up against mine, pushed and I was inside Kathy. Her pussy was like velvet. It swallowed my dick. It was warm and wet.

Kathy sighed. “Oh, it’s so thick,” she pulled me to her entrance and then rammed back against me. “God, that feels good.” She did it again.

“She likes it,” Sarah whispered in my ear.

I could feel her cock between my thighs.

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Futanari Wife

Futanari wife

Futanari Wife

I have been working on the latest series, Little Monster, and in those books, a married woman becomes a futanari. Naturally, this leads to a number of interesting situations with her heterosexual  (but willing to explore for the sake of love) husband. This is the first time she has sex with him.  Enjoy!


When I opened my eyes on Monday, I knew something was different. I felt lighter, like I was a little floaty. It was weird. I sat up half-expecting my stomach to flip, but it didn’t. I wasn’t nauseated, I just felt light, like I was either dramatically stronger, which didn’t look to be the case, or I had lost a few pounds.

I stood up. Everything seemed to work. Nothing was sore, nothing looked bruised. I rubbed my eyes. The last few days had been so strange, maybe it was all in my imagination. I mean, there was nothing visibly wrong with me.

I walked down to the kitchen all bleary-eyed and exhausted. Next to the coffee maker were two cups, one empty and one with a note in front of it.

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Little Monster (A Futanari Story)


Little Monster – Futanari story

Little Monster – A Futanari Story


I was in the parking lot, in Tyler’s Mercedes, when I saw her for the first time. We were parked in the back row, I was between classes and Tyler was blowing his off to stick his dick in me. He was in the driver’s seat and I was on his lap. I’m short, just 5’5” so I can straddle a boy in the front seat of a car and rock his world, even when he’s driving. But like I was saying, I was getting some vitamin D, Tyler was breathing into my neck and holding onto my hips while I milked his cock and I was looking out the back window, when I saw her walking toward the arts building.

I don’t know why I paid attention to her. I mean, there wasn’t really anything remarkable about her. She was cute in a teacher kind of way. She was older than me, maybe ten years, she looked like she took pretty good care of herself. I don’t really know why she caught my eye though. She had a confident walk, like she was still proud of her tits and her ass, which she had every right to be, maybe that was it – she was confident, like me.

Of course, I didn’t even know who she was then. I guessed a teacher because of the outfit, but that didn’t mean much at a school as large as mine, she could have been an older student who dressed like a teacher, or maybe she was one of those women that works in admin or as a teacher’s aid. But she had piqued my curiosity and I made up my mind right there that I was going to find out who she was.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” Tyler’s fingers dug into my flesh.

I had completely forgotten about him steadily pumping his adequate dick in and out of me. His face that sad, almost pained look, and I could feel his cock twitching deep inside me. I sat back and ground my hips into him, squeezing him tight. “Do it, baby.” I leaned forward and licked his lips. “Give it to me.”

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