Max and Katie Put on a Show

Sex Stories - Max and Katie Put On A Show
This story is the follow up to Max and Katie Meet Tom; which, if you haven’t read, you probably should as it is the introduction to Max and Katie.
I originally wasn’t sure if I would go back to Max and Katie – they have both featured in other stories some in the first collection (Max, Katie, and Amelie) and some on their own.  They have become my go to cast because each of them is so different. 
You have Max, the perky, sexy little cheerleader who reminds me of myself at her age; super sexually adventurous and loving the spotlight and attention.  Katie is the small town girl who comes to the big university and discovers that life has so much more to offer.  She is always evolving and learning about herself.  Honestly, I am not sure where she will end up; she’s so volatile.
As I mentioned earlier, this one picks up where the first story left off, it actually starts with the last two lines of the first story.  I had mentioned early in the story, in a piece of dialogue, that Katie was expecting a call from “him”; and this is the story where we meet Dave, Katie’s old boyfriend from home via a video chat.
It was a fun little story to write.  It’s great because it starts hot, and then just keeps getting hotter.  7000 words of pure, unadulterated, erotica and I didn’t leave out any details.  If you liked the first story, about how it all started, I am sure you will like this one.  And if you liked this one and haven’t read the first one, it’s worth it to meet them and see how it all got started.
As usual, I will leave you with an excerpt from somewhere in the story and you can click the link in the post’s title to go to Amazon and grab it.  If you enjoy it, please leave a comment either there or here. 

Max fucked her hips against Katie’s fingers, sliding her form onto them, and sending shivers through every nerve of her body.  She couldn’t believe how hot it was to be watched.  She felt like a porn star.  She pulled the see through fabric down and let Katie’s tit flop into her hand.  She wanted to suck on the nipple, wanted Dave to see her suck it.
She slipped her hands under the curve of flesh and lifted herself up to move the stiff flesh between her teeth.  Katie groaned and Max moved her leg gently along Katie’s, watching Dave pump his cock over and over while her own first orgasm started to crescendo.    You wish you were here, don’t you, she thought looking into Dave’s hungry eyes, you wish we could crawl over to you and suck your hard dick, don’t you Dave?  That would finish you off, wouldn’t it?  Katie and Me on our knees in front of you, our tongues running the length of you until you came and let your cum cover our faces and tits.  Katie’s fingers moved inside her and she closed her eyes as the climax hit her, she felt her pussy spasm, her juices slip free, and her body bristle with desire.  She threw her head back and moaned.  “Oh…fuck, Katie, don’t stop!”
 Katie slipped a third finger inside, stretching her friend’s cunt wide.  She could feel Max’s orgasm intensify, the cum dripping down her wrist.  She looked up at Dave, still slowly pumping his cock and suddenly wanted it.  She reached back and slipped her fingers around Tom.  She closed her eyes when she felt Max’s hands travel down her chest, south along her body.  “No, you don’t,” she whispered.  She pulled Tom into view and smiled at Dave who was so mesmerized by the scene his face didn’t even react when he saw the purple dildo.  She slid her fingers out of Max’s snatch and stuck them in her mouth, sucking the nectar off her fingers.Max’s eyes went back and forth between Katie sucking her fingers and Tom ready in her hand.
“You know you want to suck it,” Katie said.Dave watched as Max got on all fours beside Katie and stared at the purple cock in front of her.  He didn’t know what she was going to do, only that he couldn’t take his eyes off her body; the way she arched her back, the way her heavy breasts hung and swayed, the blonde hair such a contrast to Katie’s dark hair.  He squeezed his member and felt the orgasm getting closer.  He didn’t know how much longer he was going to be able to hold it off.

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