Quickie Sex Stories - 4 Fingers

Quickie Sex Stories – 4 Fingers

Quickie Sex Stories - 4 Fingers
That’s right, just the tip…


Don’t stop.

Kiss me. I love the feel of your mouth, your tongue.

Grab my breast. Mmmm…yes. Squeeze it. Pinch my nipple.

God, you make me so wet, so fucking horny. You are too. I can see it, that bulge in your pants. It’s so big.

But guess who has less clothes on? Oh, yes, you’re right. I didn’t wear any underwear today.

Oh, shit. Mmmm…yesss. God, even your fingers are thick.

You like it when I spread my legs for you, don’t you? Is that better?

Right there, yes, push it in. Stop. Don’t move, just hold it there, just the tip of it. I think I’m going to…no, don’t move.

That was nice, little clit orgasm. You have no idea how good that feels. Here, let me show you how I like it.

See, now you can push it inside. Mmmm…imagine it’s your cock. No? Not big enough? Slide that finger…into…ahhh.  No, don’t go so fast. I like it slow.

There, let me guide you with my…hips. God, I’m so wet.

Now, lets see if I can help you with that…bulge. Lean back. No, don’t worry, I can fuck your hand all by myself.

Quickie Sex Stories - 4 Fingers
My favorite feeling, the moment something spreads me wide

Oh, it’s huge. Look at thing, all hard and ready. You want me to touch it? Look, it’s shaking it’s head.

Mmm…wait…I think I…oh, put another finger in me. No, come on, right now. Fuck that feels good! Mmm…now, where was  I? Oh yeah, time to listen to you moan.

Do you like that? Do you like the way my fingers feel? You’re so hot and big. I’m going to stroke it for awhile. Lets cum together.

I want to taste you. Don’t move. Lets see if I can get into…oh, that’s not fair. How am I going to…

Oh, your fingers, shit, I could fuck your fingers all day! But here, lets see if I can’t, there we go.

Here, I just want to suck on you a little. I love a good, stiff cock in my mouth. What wrong? Are you alright? Here, let me show you.

Mmmm…you taste so good. And now you’re slick. I can feel your pumping in my hand. You want to cum don’t you. You want to cum in my mouth?

Slide another finger in me, stretch my hot, little pussy….oh, no. Go slow. I want you to cum with me. I’ll fuck your fingers. Mmmph…and you fuck my mouth.

Yes,..thrust into me. Fuck your cock into my throat while you bury four fingers in my snatch. Oh, don’t stop. Cum with me. Let go. Don’t stop.

There, oh god, yes! More. Let me swallow. Yes, press me deeper, push my head onto your throbbing…oh, there’s so much. Mmmm…my cunt…don’t stop.


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