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Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment

There are few things as erotic as waking up in your lovers bed. Quickie Sex Stories – A Moment starts right there, first thing in the morning.

She’s lying on her back, pretending to be asleep, when he comes into the room.  The late summer breeze was too warm and she has already kicked the sheets off of her.  When she peaks through her eye lashes she can see him.  It’s hard not to smile, watching him stare down at her naked body sprawled across his bed.

He’s wrapped, from the waist down, in a bath towel.  His hair is a damp, disheveled mess.
She watches him, staring down at her.  The bulge behind the towel is growing.  A tingle sweeps over her.  She tries not to move, but she knows her nipples have gone hard.  She can feel them rising, stretching tight.
He grins, remembers last night, the way she looked over her shoulder at him and arched her back on all fours.
She sees him grin.  Does he know I’m awake?  She thinks.
The towel starts to spread, his cock pushing against the fold, pointing straight at her.
He takes a step forward and she holds her breath.  He leans forward and towel slips free.  She opens her eyes as his lips touch hers.
She reaches out, wraps her fingers around his throbbing mass, takes a hold of him like it was a handle.
He moans.
She wants it in her mouth, between her breasts, sliding in out of her.
He crawls onto the bed while she strokes him, their tongues dancing between their lips, the fire of last night still fresh between them.  He is going to be late for work and she is going to make it worth his while.

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