Sex Stories - Two for One

Sex Stories – Two for One

Sex Stories – Two for One

I didn’t know they had talked about it. He hadn’t talked about it with me. I walked into his office and knew immediately that he was up to something though, it was in his eyes, a devilish little twinkle, like he had a secret. And suddenly all I wanted to do was fuck his brains out.

“Katie, I’d like you to meet James.” Ethan nodded toward the man sitting on the small, leather couch in expensive suit. The dark-haired man nodded and then continued going over my outfit with his eyes.

“Nice to meet you, James.” I said.

He waited until I had finished his name before he met my gaze. “You too,” he gave Ethan a look that I didn’t understand. Was that approval? Appreciation?

“I was just telling James about our arrangement.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver of excitement through me. Ethan was not only my boss at the law firm; he was also my master, my first master.

“Give him a blowjob,” Ethan glanced at his computer screen and I heard a few mouse clicks.

I looked at James. He was in his early to mid-thirties with neatly cut brown hair, a suit at least as expensive as Ethan’s, and kind eyes. He was manicured like Ethan was but I had never heard of him before except as a name on Ethan’s calendar. And he looked as shocked as I was. I mean, it was the last thing I expected when I walked in and saw the two, but then I remembered that Ethan was my master and that I was his slave, his submissive, obedient slave.

I stepped closer to James as he ran his gaze over my curves and I felt my nipples stiffen. I loved being Ethan’s slave. There was nothing I loved more than doing what he wished; even this, going down on a stranger in the middle of the office while my boss, my master, watched, was part of my role. I was submissive, but there was power in it.

“I um,” James sputtered for a moment.

Smiling demurely, I stepped up to the front of his chair, put a hand on each knee, and slowly spread his legs.

He looked down my blouse as I bent over. “It’s really not necessary,” he swallowed hard and looked over at Ethan like he wasn’t sure it was the best idea.

“Nonsense,” Ethan moved a paperweight on his desk, “you said it’s your birthday, right?”

James looked at me with fear in his eyes. “Yes, but I mean, most guys just give their friends a gift card, Ethan. This is too much.”

I slid to my knees, unbuttoned the first few buttons of my blouse so that he could see my best assets, and pulled his belt buckle open.

I liked the new game Ethan was playing. He was the first guy I had ever met that looked at life like his own personal playground. I mean, he had offered to be my master on my third day on the job like it was something every high-powered lawyer in the city did.

It had been a simple thing. We were both attracted to each other, about the same age, and honest. I walked into his office that morning and he was at his bookshelf, looking for some law book. When he turned around, he looked me up and down and said: Michelle, how would like to be my personal sex slave?

The question had come as a surprise, but I had been fantasizing about him since my interview, masturbating myself to sleep each night and every time I got in the shower, wishing he would make a move. I would have said yes to just about anything if it meant I was going to be close to him. So when he asked me to be a slave, I simply said yes.

“It’ll mean that I’m your master,” he had raised his eyebrows like he expected me to run away from the idea, arms waving like he was some kind of monster, but I just smiled.

“It’ll mean I am your obedient slave.” I laid a brief that had arrived by courier onto his desk, and bent over further than I needed to, just to give him a look at my ass.

“I would feel better if there was a contract,” he looked me over once I had turned around.

“I’ll sign it. Effective immediately,” I walked back to my desk and ever since, our relationship had been a whirlwind of sex at the office, in the women’s restroom at an expensive restaurant downtown, on top of a the city’s highest rooftop, and in the back of the firm’s limousine.

Ethan was amazing – wealthy, insatiable, and a lover unlike anyone I had ever been with. And I was his slave, his obedient servant who had been given me so many stories and experiences up to this point; I could have written volumes.

A blowjob for a stranger while he watched?

I pulled the zipper down on James’ pants and reached inside to free to his manhood. He still looked dumbfounded, his eyes wide with fascination and fear, but his cock knew enough to stand at about half mast.

Holding it at the base, I glanced at Ethan who only stared back at me like he was watching a movie. It lit a fire inside me. I could feel my pussy growing wet.

I smiled up at James, my lips an inch from his growing phallus. “Relax,” I leaned forward and licked the mushroom head of his penis and he sighed compliantly.

Within ten seconds, his meat was rigid and providing me with a solid seven or eight inches to play with. I worked the tip first, just the head and the first inch or so, licking and sucking while I stroked his shaft and stared into his eyes.

I could feel Ethan watching and knew that his cock was bulging behind the dark wood of his desk. I thought back to the day I had been under that desk, sucking his cock while he took a meeting. I closed my eyes and imagined the cock in my mouth was his. I rolled my tongue across it the way he preferred and then slowly started to swallow more.Sex Stories - Two for One

Halfway down James’ rod, I felt it swell and tasted the salty sweetness of his precum. I softly moaned and pressed further down his length, moving my hand to his thigh so I could swallow more.

James pressed his thighs on either side of my chest as my nose touched his belly, his cock down my throat. “Oh, my God,” he whispered. “Oh, fuck that feels good.”

I slowly drew my mouth off of him, let my lips pop, and smiled as I wiped a finger through the clear strands of my own mucous and his precum. “Would you like to taste?” I glanced at Ethan who grinned and nodded his head.


Ethan, obviously on the edge of letting go, swallowed hard and nodded.

I needed the break as much as he did. My own orgasm was moments away. A breeze would have pushed me over the edge.

I slithered up from between his thighs and kissed him on the mouth. His lips were hot and his eager tongue found my own. We kissed for a few moments, our tongues fighting, and the taste of his precum in our mouths. But when his hands reached up and tried to pull me close, I pushed them away and pulled back.

“I was told to give you a blowjob,” I grinned lustfully and lowered myself back to my knees. The carpet pressed into my skin, but I didn’t care. Ethan was watching and I had a thick cock ready to unload. He loves to watch, I didn’t know that. I love the look on his face, the lust in his eyes. Watch me, Ethan. Watch me suck your friend off. Do you want me to swallow his cum the way I swallow yours?  Sex Stories - Two for One

I took my time and buried James’ phallus in the back of my throat again, but instead of pulling back to the tip, I started to bob my head, halfway up and then back down, fucking him gently with my lips.

It had taken me weeks to learn how to deep throat Ethan. I bought a dildo as close to his size as I could and practiced on it for days, pushing it back as far as I could before gagging, pulling off, and then going again, this time a little further, until at last I could push the thing in up to the rubber balls at the base.

The first night I had gotten to try it on Ethan, he had cum faster than any other blowjob I had given him. We were in a fancy hotel on a business trip to England and I had gone down on him as wished, but he had no idea. He had never asked me to learn how to do it, I had simply wanted to, simply wanted to be a good slave, the best slave, able to do things most couldn’t. When his cock had reached the back of my throat, I swallowed once, and he had exploded down my throat.

Within a minute, maybe two, James started to lose control. My head was moving rhythmically up and down his length. His breathing was ragged; his cock throbbed along my tongue. “I’m going to cum,” he moaned and tried to back away.

I slipped him from my swollen lips and looked over at Ethan with raised eyebrows.

Ethan smiled. “It is his birthday,” he chuckled.

But before he finished the sentence, James’ cock was back in my mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed it. I needed James to cum so that I could let go.

His his hips began to thrust. I closed my eyes and wished it was Ethan about to cum. I thrashed my tongue around the hot skin and moaned as the pressure started to build. I slipped a hand under my dress and ran my fingers across my clit.

Then I heard the chair squeak and saw Ethan at my side. I thought he was going to scold me for touching myself, but instead his pants dropped to the floor.

I reached up and found his incredibly long, incredibly thick cock waiting for my attention. I stroked it slowly, wringing my hand a bit the way I knew he liked it.

James couldn’t take it. Between face fucking me and watching me give Ethan a hand job, he lost control. His hand tangled his fingers in my hair and he pressed my nose against his belly before his cock unloaded his euphoria down my throat.

“Oh fuuuuck…” he pulled his hips back and I took a breath as the next bolt of creamy liquid sprayed the roof of my mouth.

God, I love cum. My own orgasm swept over me like a summer storm. Waves of pleasure thundered across every nerve.

 I swallowed another spray and then pulled away knowing I would catch one or two on my chin and chest – a sight that I hoped would push Ethan over the edge.

Ethan stared down as cum sprayed my chin and dripped onto the curves of my breasts. His eyes narrowed. “Yes,” he moaned as I turned and slipped his cock between my lips without permission. I didn’t care. I wanted his cum, wanted to drink his satisfaction.

I slowly stroked James free of the last of his orgasm as Ethan tangled my hair in his fingers and started to fuck my mouth. I tasted his pre and realized he was already close, excited by the little show we had put on.

James reached into my blouse and cupped the breasts he had been staring down at while I sucked his cock and another wave of pleasure washed across me.

I moaned and buried Ethan’s cock deep in my throat swallowing and thrashing my tongue as he throbbed and finally came down my throat.

Sex Stories - Two for One


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