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Mother Daughter Futanari Incest

So, I have gotten a number of requests and complaints about Futanari Family series. Some of you don’t think the series has enough sex. More of you would like to explore the family dynamic of the story – namely the stuff that Amazon and the rest don’t want people to publish, the incest between Casey, Linda, and Stephanie. And others just want me to continue the series.

So, you know what they say. Give ’em what they want.

[Here’s the beginning. Catch the rest on my Patreon – where I get all kinds of crazy.]

The package was marked Linda Thiel. A yellow envelope, 9 x 12 and lined with bubble wrap. When I tore it open, I found two white bottles. I shook each one. They didn’t sound full, maybe half full. I turned them over to read the label. One had my mother’s name, Linda. The other had mine, Casey.

was just the label with our names. The rest of the bottle was blank.

I remembered the doctor that had actually signed the final paperwork and assigned us to this test. It had been after the third medical screening and examination. I was lying on an examination table, my legs spread, I had just finished masturbating and the doctor was examining my vulva and clit with gloved hands. “You do understand what the drug will do?” She had asked, picking up a long swab and inserting it into my vagina. “The side effects are still being determined,” she had said. “We can’t tell you what the drug will do to you.”

Mom almost hadn’t signed. Examinations done, we had sat in front of a lawyer with a briefcase full of paperwork for almost an hour. There were more waivers than there were warnings. The pill could kill us and they wouldn’t be liable.

We had talked about it for days. The idea of working for a pharmaceutical company was one thing, but genetic modification? The idea had stopped both us in our tracks. I had been the first one to call the idea crazy. But we had needed the money more.

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Succubus: A Futanari Tale

So, I have been working on the succubus series today and I thought I would share a little teaser. I mean, who doesn’t like some hot, free futanari action, right?

If you haven’t read the whole story, you should get over to my Patreon and check it out. I post a ton of free stuff over there too, so please check it out. (And, you know, if I get you all excited, you can buy me a Latte. I mean, come on, you like the way I get you excited. I know you do.)

Here’s a teaser:

Olivia’s magic washed across me. “You’re so fucking sexy. Did you see that cop cum the minute you showed him your tits?”She smiled and licked her lips.

Her tone melted me. I was hers. “Well come here,” I got on my hands and knees and started to crawl across the space between us.
“Oh, no, Abi,” she gave me a wicked smile, “this is going to be your thrill ride.”
Instantly she was behind me.
The moment I realized it, her hands were already on the inside of my thighs, spreading my knees.
I obeyed and spread my legs. I lifted my ass in the air and laid my head on the mattress.
I wanted this so bad.
I had missed Olivia.
I had missed the magic.
Her hair tickled my thighs. Then I felt fingers on my bathing suit, the fabric was stretched and pulled aside. The air was cold as it washed across my wet pussy lips, but Olivia’s breath warmed me.
“What if they hear us?” I asked looking toward the door.
“They won’t,” the words came from behind me, just before Olivia’s rough, little tongue spread my pussy folds and lapped at my hole.
I quivered.
Her hands squeezed my thighs as she lapped at my dripping wetness, sucking at my lips.
It felt so good.
A hand cupped my right breast and tugged the bikini down over my nipple.
The warmth of the magic grew.
My body ached with longing.
I arched my back and pressed against Olivia’s mouth.
Her tongue moved from my clit back to my hole.
Then she pressed her tongue against my entrance.
I relaxed. She was so skillful with her tongue, so attentive, had been since we were little.
Her tongue stretched me open and pressed inside.
I smiled and bit my lip. “God yes.” I said, bathing in the pleasure.
Then she went deeper.
I gasped.
Her tongue felt like it was growing longer, like it was growing inside of me.
My body shifted, I arched my ass higher, drawing it deeper. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.
It moved inside of me until it found my secret spot, the spot that shot lightning behind my eyes.
I moaned as her tongue strummed my most sensitive parts.
She pinched my nipple.
I closed my eyes. “Oh, my god!”
“Not yet,” Olivia chuckled behind me.
Her voice sounded different. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw the two horns, just like the demon had.
My breath caught in my throat.
And then a long thin tail whipped back and forth in the air, the barbed end a little triangle of reddened flesh.
“Olivia,” I called her name as I began to drown in the first orgasm.
She pulled away from quivering pussy, her long barbed tongue slithered out like a snake.
She sat back, and I saw her new form. She was hybrid, a mix of the Olivia I knew, and something that Olivia had turned into.
The same red hue of the demon’s skin was splattered here and there across her body, concentrated on the skin around her horns and tail, but also around her breasts and the new addition that bulged from behind her bikini bottom.
She grinned at me languidly and pulled the strings that had been tied at her hips.
Her cock sprang into view and she spread her legs. “I told I have been changing.”
I stared in awe at the swollen pussy at the bottom of her stalk of cock flesh.
I turned around on the bed and crawled toward her. “Oh my god, it’s beautiful.”
“I want you to suck it,” she grabbed the base of it and waved it in my direction.
I crawled between her legs. The penis she had grown was as large as my dad’s with a mushroom head and the squiggly vein along the back.
The magic surrounded us. Olivia in her new form was magnificent. Her body was long and lean, her breasts were large and firm, and her new appendage made my mouth water.
I smiled at her. I wanted it in my hand, I wanted to please her. I wanted to give her what she needed.
I wrapped my own fingers own fingers around the hot flesh and squeezed.
Her tail slipped around my back and then around my breast. It tightened like a snake and the tip of the barbed tail stroked my aching nipples.
Olivia exhaled slowly.
She felt so good and thick in my hand. I wanted more. I sank down into her lap.
She reached out a hand and wrapped my long curls in her grip.
I heard her breath quicken.
I smelled her lovely scent. It was something like a cross between ash and sex. Then the plush tip pressed against my lips.
I couldn’t wait any longer. My mouth opened, and I slid my head into the dark of her lap.
Pulling back, I let my wet lips drag back up the sensitive skin of her cock to the very tip.
Olivia’s hips moved and I felt her body quiver.
Then, in a slow rhythm, I bobbed my head on her dick, coating with a thick layer of my saliva.
She throbbed between my lips, her cock hard against the back of my throat.
She moaned.
Her tip prodded my tonsils as she began to slowly thrust.
I moaned as her tail slipped along my belly until the barb found my clit.
I couldn’t see anything. I imagined what her thick cock must have looked like as it moved back and forth, deeper and deeper with every thrust. I pictured the look n her face, the contorted pleasure.
I rolled my tongue around the bulging tip.
I felt the gentle motion of the waves on the boat.
My body ached as it rushed toward orgasm.
I moaned and dove deeper.
The little barb of Olivia’s tail slipped between my dripping lips and my pussy tightened around it.
My eyes rolled. I knew the head of her dick was down my throat now. I twisted and shook my head.
Olivia’s hips drove up hard.
I still needed more.
I reached down and played my fingers through Olivia’s quim. Her moans grew louder and her thrusts more urgent.
I swallowed and then pulled away for a breath.
Her cock popped from my lips. I leaned down and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth as my hand easily stroked her slippery dick.
And then she was behind me.
A hand on my neck pressed my face into the pillow.
The other hand gripped my hips and pulled me back like I was a rag doll.
Her strength, just the way she handled me, made me cum.