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My wife’s Futanari Mistress

Futanari Mistress
from Hentai Foundry. Artist: vitorleone13

[Little Monster (Part 6) is available. Here’s an excerpt.]

The energy swirled around me, it was stronger.

I guess the only way I can explain it is, it was like a smell. I sensed it, the way you like feel electricity. It was hard though cause, like in my human form, it was different, the way I felt it, the way I like sensed it. But I couldn’t just shimmer, whether he knew what I was or not, it wasn’t something I liked to just do. It could be dangerous. People flipped out sometimes.

“I didn’t wreck everything,” I had every confidence that whatever was happening like with Olivia’s teaching thing, I could help. It wouldn’t be difficult to, you know, like fix it. I could make people forget anything I wanted. But the fact that she had lost her penis, that like worried me.

I sat down on the same step with Lucas and a shiver ran across my skin. I looked at him. He looked different. In the time it had taken me to sit down, his body had changed.

Our eyes met. “What is happening?” He looked down at his legs, but I couldn’t see them inside his pants. And then his body melted for a moment as he shifted.

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Futanari Wife

Futanari wife

Futanari Wife

I have been working on the latest series, Little Monster, and in those books, a married woman becomes a futanari. Naturally, this leads to a number of interesting situations with her heterosexual  (but willing to explore for the sake of love) husband. This is the first time she has sex with him.  Enjoy!


When I opened my eyes on Monday, I knew something was different. I felt lighter, like I was a little floaty. It was weird. I sat up half-expecting my stomach to flip, but it didn’t. I wasn’t nauseated, I just felt light, like I was either dramatically stronger, which didn’t look to be the case, or I had lost a few pounds.

I stood up. Everything seemed to work. Nothing was sore, nothing looked bruised. I rubbed my eyes. The last few days had been so strange, maybe it was all in my imagination. I mean, there was nothing visibly wrong with me.

I walked down to the kitchen all bleary-eyed and exhausted. Next to the coffee maker were two cups, one empty and one with a note in front of it.

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Blue Futanari: Preceptors (Book 11)

Chapter 11 in the Blue Futanari series
Chapter 11 in the Blue Futanari series

The latest chapter in the Blue Futanari series is here!

Chapter 11 – Blue Futanari: Preceptors

A lot has happened in Alexys’ story. From becoming a futanari goddess to getting thrown back in time to 1691. When we left off, Alexys was still stuck in 1691, but she had made an alliance with Hester, an ambitious witch with a sinister plan. Of course, Alexys’ darkness had also possessed the young innkeeper, Imyne, started a fight with a magical centurion, and left Alexys half dead.

Chapter 11 takes our hero in a different direction. Weak and on the edge of death, Alexys is rescued by a young, Indian warrior who takes her to his tribal council for help.  But the tribal council orders the young brave to deliver Alexys to the twins.

Pulled on a makeshift stretcher over countless miles she ends up in the small hut of two ancient shaman, twins. But as usual, all is not exactly as it seems.

Let me just put it to you this way. It’s about time something good happened to poor Alexys, something substantial. If you have been like me, waiting on good news or some help or something for our goddess, this is the book!

Available on Amazon for $2.99.

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