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Sticky Gift- Futanari on Male and Female

Sticky Gift: A Futanari on Male & Female Story

Stephen’s building was shit. Mine was worse, but his was shit too. It hadn’t been a hard decision when we were trying to figure out which place we were going to keep, and which place we were going to get rid of. But Stephen’s place was closer to the city and it had a doorman, well, sort of. He was the building super when there was something broken, otherwise, he kept a little office at the desk by the front door during the day and into the evening.

“Come on, look at this place. I’m working on Janet’s team now. This project is going to be the one. Come on, don’t you want to live closer to the city?” He had been so excited, so persuasive when he had suggested it.

Really, I was really just playing with the idea. The moment he had suggested it, I had secretly agreed, but you know, you don’t want to seem too eager, right?

And I didn’t disagree with him. The Barrett Firm had already given him one raise when they had moved him onto Janet’s team, with the promise of more and I loved him and loved being close to him and his things.

How could I have said no?

Besides, I did love the old place. It was shit, an absolute rubbish bin, but it had character, all brick with windows that barely worked but they each had a million panes, and they were all the way around. And who cared that in the winter the floors were absolute ice?

And it had Henry, the super. Born somewhere near Darby in the sixties, he was an unhealthy, Englishman who always had an unlit cigar in his mouth. But he was friendly and personable and if you needed a hand, well, if a woman needed a hand, he was quick to volunteer. And I won’t even begin to go into the gossip Henry was privy too.

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Late Shift

She hadn’t been on the floor for an hour before the talk started. Every nurse found a reason to swing by her room, you know, peek for themselves and see what all the fuss was about.

“Did you see her?” Rhonda sat behind the main desk, glasses perched on the end of her nose, so happy to be the one to tell me about the latest strange case. It was Rhonda’s thing, she loved the strange, the odd patients. She liked to keep a list that she would read off at the Christmas party every year.
Rhonda’s Favorites never failed to fill the room with laughter.

We usually got one every week or so, a patient that had done something strange or had something strange done to them or had been bitten by something strange. The hospital just happened to be in a pretty big city, which means a lot of people. And a lot of people, means a lot of possibility.

I had already been on shift for six hours and had heard no less than ten nurses, 3 nurse practitioners, and three doctors, talk about the woman in 305C. Everyone had something to say about her and it.

She was on my list of things to run and check on, but Cathedral was busy as fuck because of the holiday and I was already working on five hours overtime for the week. But I had not made it to the far end of wing yet. “No,” I made a note on one chart and picked up another, “but the way everyone’s talking, you would think no one had ever seen a decent prick before.

Also, I guess Dr. Clemons said she was, and I quote, ‘hot as fuck’, end quote.” I laughed. (Dr. Clemons had been known to report doctors who used such language to HR.)

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Tent Sex

What if you found out your teacher was a futanari?

I heard the rustling of footsteps on the long grass outside my tent and lift my head up from my inflatable pillow. I listen. The woods are alive with a million insects and animals, but this was different, bigger.

It’s the second day of a college trip into the woods a few hours out of the city, where me and a few other teachers had been chosen to chaperone environmental awareness and activity award none of us gave a shit about.

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