The Hotel

The three of us were sitting at the hotel bar talking.  I don’t even remember how it started.  She was driving up into Canada, we were staying on the island.  All three of us were pretty hammered.  Thomas, my fiance, kept looking down at her cleavage which was impossible not to look down at.  She had perfect tits, I mean, even I couldn’t blame him.  They were big and round, and the bra she had on, had them standing up and bubbling over her blouse.  She even caught me staring at them a couple times, smiled, and threw a glance at my chest.

We were both in our twenties, she was a little younger, but we were both in good shape, and I could tell she wasn’t opposed to the idea of a woman’s face buried between her legs, a woman’s tongue swirling around her clit; especially when there was the possibility of a hard cock somewhere near by.

We were the only three left there at the bar when the bartender swung by, topped us off, and said he would be closing in a few minutes.  My boyfriend looked at me and I could tell he wanted to ask me something.  He had the mischievous grin on his face that he wears when he is trying to tell me that he is perfect drunk; the kind of drunk that is going to fuck me for forty-five minutes with a cock so hard it could cut glass and is going to give me double digit orgasms while he pumps away like a machine.  I looked over at her, finishing her last drink, and noticed a little air of disappointment.  I felt bad that she was alone, that she would be all alone in her big room while I was getting my brains fucked out.

“Come with us,” I heard myself say before I realized it.  “Come back to our room.”

My fiance’s smile widened while she looked at me like she was unsure of what I had just said.  I felt the liquor swirl in my head and reached out to touch her arm.  “Come on, this will be fun.  He’s perfect drunk,”  I said and slipped my arm around his arm, “and he can wear us both out.”  I glanced up at Thomas and winked.  “How about it?”

Her eyes went over my body and then over Thomas’ and she smiled.

Five minutes later, all three of us were barging into our hotel room.  We barely cleared the door before Thomas wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body against his as he kissed her.  It was such a turn on watching her body react.  I slipped my top off and then pulled down her skirt revealing a little g-string.

She stepped out of the fabric while her tongue tangled with Thomas and his big hand squeezed her breast.  I watched them kiss and felt the juices between my own legs.

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