Vampire Erotica – The Elizabeth Jacobson Series

The Elizabeth Jacobson Series – A Paranormal Erotic/Urban Fantasy Thriller or Vampire Erotica or Erotica that features a vampire assassin.

I have been getting a lot of questions and comments about the series over the last few days and I thought I would answer them here.

1. What is Paranormal Erotica?
Simply put, it’s erotica that involves characters that are outside the “normal”.  In the world the series is based in, vampires live among humans and have since the beginning of time.

2. The story has a lot of sex.
Yes it does.  I write a great deal of erotica and I thought the sex scenes in this book were fun – it adds a new element to the erotica.  The vampires in this series are much closer to human than in other worlds and universes that authors have created.  Mine have feelings, memories, etc. but they are considerably stronger physically and mentally due to the change.

3. What’s it about?
I have gotten four emails with this question or a slight variation.  The series follows the protagonist Elizabeth Jacobson who is, currently, an assassin – in both the human world and the vampire world.  She is just over a 150.

In Kansas City, where the beginning of the series is set, a hunter has been killing vampires by the truck load.  The local ruling council of vampires calls her in to “deal” with the situation.  The story moves on from there.

4. Do I plan to write more?  
Yes.  I have two parts finished and there will probably be four more, from what I can tell so far.

6. Why is the second book more than the first?  
I priced the second book the way I did because it is considerably longer than the first book.  Simple as that.


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